September 24, 2022


Winner Best Screenplay Catalina Film Festival.


March 20, 2022


Kristine joins the cast of The Sync Report


March 18, 2022


The Curse of Da Linzer (2017) was added to the Paris, France 20MAX TV programming schedule.


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March 20, 2021


Cinequest Cinejoy Judge


Kristine Kreska Cinequest Film Festival Judge

Release date June 14, 2017

App Store Mobile Game


March 27, 2022


Kristine joins the cast of The Sync Report


March 13, 2022


Kristine joins the cast of The Sync Report


July 10, 2021


Cannes Film Distribution Panel


Cannes 2021 Kristine Kreska Panelist

January 30, 2021


Sundance Film Distribution Panelist


Sundance 2021 Kristine Kreska Panelist

August 14, 2017 

Comic Book Published


August 15, 2005


Kristine Kreska Los Angeles Business Journal

June 22, 2006


Entertainment Capital Corporation, "Entertainment Capital Corporation Portfolio Company FilmMates Entertainment Secures Worldwide Distribution for Award-Winning Comedy, My Suicidal Sweetheart. The acquisition was negotiated by Kristine Kreska, Vice President of B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc.


April 28, 2009

Cape Fear, NC Film Festival Judge and Q&A

Cape Fear Independent Film Festival Joe Manganiello Kristine Kreska