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July 10, 2021


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March 20, 2021


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January 30, 2021


6 Festival Wins for Kristine Kreska in SFX

Don't Look Back written by Jeff Howard (Oculus, Gerald's Game, and The Haunting of Hill House)

17 Festival wins. 2018


Deceived Acquired by
Maverick Entertainment Group

Consulting Producer 2018


Shooting Space Drone

Release date June 14, 2017 

The Curse of Da Linzer

In 2017 ADIC (Animation Day In Cannes) returned stronger, offering a comprehensive line up from 110 submitted shorts, features, VR projects, and scripts with a final selection of 29 shorts and features (Animaze Daze in Cannes competition) to 320 registered professionals in animation including 56 Buyers, 87 media. Kreska's German Dada fantasy concept, 'The Curse of Da Linzer' was an official selection.

Synopsis: The Curse of Da Linzer infuses a Dada aesthetic throughout this vivid story of two selfish children who experience a dark twist of fate as a result of arguing over a Linzer cookie. It transports the viewer into a dreamscape that includes a steam-punk confectioner's shop in a giant gumball machine that becomes a nether-world presided over by a cursed cookie-fed witch.

Comic Book

published August 14, 2017