Producer's Rep

Buyer's Representative

Producer's Representative

Need help screening films during market acquisitions?

Call me! I've worked as an exhibitor at EFM, Cannes, and AFM with a buyer's badge.



Script Development


Pitch Presentations

Indie Teasers/Trailers

I understand what film distributors will or won't buy ...and why.

Film Festival Juror

Need a festival judge for film submissions?

Emmy submissions judge


Cinequest juror 2021




Story Development

Need help in character design for pitch presentations?


Sample characters speaking your dialogue demonstrate tone and style.

Eli Hershko


"I met Kristine when she was acquiring action films for AFM clients.  Since my film 'CARL[A]' starring Laverne Cox was an LGBTQIA+ drama, Kristine referred me to her contact at Ariztical. Ariztical specialized in this genre and distributed my film."  

Cam Hood

Animation Director


"Kristine thoughtfully listened to my ideas and was able to narrow in quickly on what she felt were intellectual properties that could be developed into gold. Working together has been one of the greatest collaborations of my 24 plus career in feature animation. No story or character development challenge was too much. Things always got better, funnier and most importantly... with added heart. I have complete trust and admiration in Kristine’s insight and talent. Now we write together and it is exciting.” 

Philip Nelson



"Kristine is considerably more knowledgeable and connected than she would ever let on. This is uncommon in Hollywood. She was one of my lead advisors as a producer of the 69th Miss Universe Pageant and was invaluable to my success on the project."

Patti Price and Corky Kessler

Producer and Entertainment Lawyer

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have Ms. Kristine Kreska on our International Indie Filmmaker Day panel held during Sundance, Cannes, and TIFF. She brings incredible wisdom and encouragement to the attendees to help move their projects forward." 

Michael Rabehl

Director of Programming & Associate Director


"Kristine brings expertise and vision to her work in business and art. I find myself always seeking her advice and expertise, and I am not surprised that others do the same after witnessing her passion over the time I have known her. I find her strength and perspectives incredibly inspiring, and I absolutely love that she consistently has me thinking from a variety of viewpoints."

Laurie S. Reilly

Screenwriter & Award Winning News Producer

"The best that any screenwriter can hope for is a champion for their work. Kristine is that worthy warrior as well as a consummate professional that has the knowledge to guide a project through to fruition. Always respectful of an artist’s work, Kristine manages to deftly bring creative and trending touches to a project that gently pushes the writer to generate a polished and screen-ready manuscript."

John Pedersen

Board of Directors


"I worked directly with Kristine on several engagements while at Sanwa Bank / Bank of the West. Kristine was a great communicator during the recruitment process and ensured that the search was specifically tailored to the positions we were filling. She is well qualified to drive similar engagements."

Gary Seferian

Vice President Portfolio Management


"Her skill in guiding the process through the offer/closing was outstanding and her efficiency and effectiveness far exceeded any of her peers."

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