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Carl(a), is the story of a trans woman who is being discarded by her family while seeking the means to complete her transition. Carla (Joslyn DeFreece) meets Sam (Greg Bello), a man who loves her for who she is, but when Carla gets the funds to complete her transition Sam has second thoughts about their relationship. Now Carla is faced with a tough dilemma, if she transitions she loses Sam…if she doesn’t she loses herself.

"I was so excited about this film because this is a very real story I have seen time and again over the years with people in my life but have never seen it told in a film so truthfully."
- Laverne Cox in an interview with Huffington Post.

Starring: Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black), Joslyn DeFreece, Gregg Bello, and Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad)

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My Suicidal Sweetheart

Genre: Dark Comedy

An American independent dark comedy film written and produced by Michael Parness. The initial working title of the film was Saving Grace; this title was later changed to Max & Grace during production, and remained in place prior to its release on the film festival circuit in March 2005.

During an appearance at the 2006 Sacramento Film Festival, Parness remarked that he was dissatisfied with the title of Max & Grace and announced plans to change it to My Suicidal Sweetheart. The film has been released on DVD under the title Crazy for Love.

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Don't Look Back

Genre: Thriller

Four childhood friends spend the night together in a house. Soon they realize they are trapped inside with something evil, but not everything is what it seems. (...and Kristine is the evil ghost)

(from the writer of OCULUS, GERALD'S GAME, and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE series)

17 Festival Awards

6 SFX Awards for Ms. Kreska



Genre: Horror/Thriller

Alejandro returns to his home in Puerto Rico to help his sister Magdalena get her life together, only to find out from an old acquaintance that Magdalena has gone missing. Led to a bar in old San Juan, he discovers that not only was Magdalena working as an exotic dancer. Here Alejandro tries to piece together the events that led to her disappearance and starts to realize that not everything is as it seems.

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Night Feeders

Genre: Horror

In the remote Southern wilderness a fiery meteor crashes to Earth and forever changes mankind's view of the Universe. For this meteor unleashes an infestation of nocturnal alien creatures with just one intention: to devour every warm-blooded life form on our planet. When night falls, four hapless deer hunters in search of some weekend fun are about to discover how it feels to be the prey.

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The Curse of Da Linzer

Genre: Family

The Curse of Da Linzer infuses a Dada aesthetic throughout this vivid story of two selfish children who experience a dark twist of fate as a result of arguing over a Linzer cookie. It transports the viewer into a dreamscape that includes a steam-punk confectioner's shop in a giant gumball machine that becomes a nether world presided over by a cursed cookie-fed witch.

In 2017 ADIC returned stronger, offering a comprehensive lineup from 110 submitted shorts, features, VR projects, and scripts with a final selection of 29 shorts and features (Animaze Daze in Cannes competition) to 320 registered professionals in animation including 56 Buyers, 87 media.

World Premiere: Cannes, France 2017 Official Selection of Animaze Daze screenings during the Cannes Market. Germany 2017 Japan 2017

iTunes Worldwide 2018 (60 Territories)


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Samsung Smart TV

20 Max TV, Paris, France (2022)

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The Truth About Film School

Genre: Mockumentary Comedy

Jeremy is the director of the biggest and arguably most important student film in the history of students making films... about students making films. This movie is about making a shitty movie while believing every idea is brilliant. 

Gravitas Ventures (North America)

Producer, Designer


Tattoo Tales: Stories That Bleed

Genre: Reality-TV

Seven hidden cameras were placed in a tattoo parlor on Las Vegas Boulevard. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride into the intimate stories about the trauma or triumph symbolized in each tattoo. 

Commissioned TV Pilot.

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